Sunday, January 15, 2012

Were Back,

So were back In Iqaluit, We had a great trip down to Australia and it was awesome to meet Kellie's family, but its also nice to be home. We have been back in Iqaluit now for 4 hole days and were starting to get into the routine of things, like having the cities water main freeze and burst, -40c wind chills, trying to take the dog for a walk in a white out, you know normal stuff. Also we have managed to get all three vehicles back on the road and are new crew house set up. Its been a busy few days!!

Well we were down south we got our selves a fancy new camera, and I am planning to start taking photos and Videos again!!! ya!!! its something that I used to do allot of and am happy to be back at again! Im also going to be doing a weekly (at minimum) blog update. So with out further ado here is a quick Video of are current house.

Boz out.

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