Friday, January 20, 2012

Lunch Hour,

Just some quick clips I shot today during the standard Iqaluit lunch hour. Im starting figuring out HDSLR video, and every time I go out and mess around I'm happier with the results.

Sorry for the Low quality files, are internet is both slow and capped so until I have something I think is worth the bandwidth low quality it is.

Kellie and I are both excited for tomorrow, as its going to warm up to a very manageable -15c and the wind is looking to be a nice steady 20-25Km/hr, perfect for a relaxed day of kitting on the bay. Since this will be are first day out this year I'm thinking the camera will stay in the bag. But I have started putting together a long post about Kitting and are new found addiction to it so stay tuned.

Boz Out.

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