Sunday, January 29, 2012

Tar Inlet.

So this week we got are Skidoo, and like all good sleds she rode great the day we got it, and then wouldn't start for the rest of the week...... Now we can't really blame it on the machine, it was -30c before winds and every vehicle in town was struggling in the mornings.Thankfully it only took a few new spark plugs and a full charge on the battery and she fired up like brand new machine!!!
Yesterday Kellie and I went for a short little ride and then I did a few laps around town. Just bombing around the trails in town is allot of fun! I had a chuckle when the RCMP truck waved for me to go first at a 4 way stop sign!!!

Today after riding are machine over for breakfast at the Nova, we met up with Kellies friend John and headed out for are first real outing. It was a nice treat to be leaving the city limits!!! We really had no idea were to go, so we did the most logical thing and headed out on the the ice. We saw a large group ahead of us and decided to fallow them . We ended up going out past Apex and then to the head of Tar Inlet and onto the land. Once back on the land we just kind of putted around in the valleys for an hour or so before heading back home. It was a great day and are new machine ran with out a hitch! Kellies sledding skills improved through out the day and I think she even broke the 70KM/hr mark. I got up to about the 108km/hr mark!!! so much fun!!
After just one outing Kellie is saying She wants her own machine.....

And now for some photos...

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