Thursday, February 2, 2012

Thats Sledding,

So since getting are sled whom is now being refereed to as Stanley, Kellie has been very concerned with tipping over, I've been telling her that this not a big deal. Flipping sleds happens but its not a big deal and you just kind of deal with it.
Today kellie got to experience first hand what its like to dump a sled. She was driving Stanley from our old apartment up to our new lovely town house. This was a kind of a big deal as it was going to be Kellie's first real solo trip, and he first time driving the trails around town witch require going up a big hill and are generally rougher then the smooth ice She is used to.
The funny bit of her flipping is were it happened!!!!! She flipped poor Stanley in the middle of a reasonably busy T intersection (busy due to its proximity to the Tim Hortons and that it was right around afternoon coffee time) well coming out of a sled trail onto the road!!! Shes fine Stanley's fine, all is well. Today Kellie was the story for people in Iqaluit to talk about around the dinner table! I dont know many people who can claim they dumped there sled in the middle of an intersection.

I wish I had my camera handy but I was driving the car well she was driving the sled. I got to watch the hole thing unfold about 10 feet in front of me. Myself and 2 other friendly guys came to Kelz rescue righting Stanley and getting him out of the middle of the road (if you guys read this thanks for the help). Kel was a little shaken so I finished moving Stanley up to are new house, before putting him to bed for the night.

Kellie just showed me that She was damaged from all of this, in the form of a small Bruise on here leg. I don't feel amputation is necessary and expect a full recovery.

In other news Kellie got out on her skis with a kite today. It was cold but fun! It was a short session as the wind really kicked up a few minutes after we got Kellies kite in the sky. Im sure she'll be out again in the next few days.
I Know I keep talking about a kite post, its coming. Hopefully this weekend we will get some photos, and I can finish my post. Long story short its fun!

We also moved! are new place is sweet as!!! were about 95% all moved and unpacked. This move may be the best thing that we have done since moving to Iqaluit. Having a nice place to come home to is so nice!! If any one is in the area on sunday, were hosting a Super warming party, (super bowl and house warming) feel free to stop by send me an email and I tell you where were at, it should be low key but fun (were not big football fans so if you are it might not be the party for you)

Boz out.

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  1. PS I actually have a medium size blurple bruise now.