Saturday, April 16, 2011

Toonik Tyme

This Dog got a ride to the start line in his owners Kamatik pulled behind there Snow Mobile. It was a good tactic as I think this pooch finished a solid 4th.
The Unassuming guy in the Hockey Jersey took home Second
Kellie being a Inukshuk on the Sea Ice
Skijoring Race Start,
Kellie getting a little Cold at the Dog Race -20 with Heavy winds gets chilly Quick.

So Its been a few days since I have got around to writhing a post, so I will quickly fill you all in on whats been going down. 10 days ago Kellie arrived after what was kind of an ugly flight schedual from Vancouver. Its so great to have her here, and she has been settling in well. Shes been filling her days by cooking me amazing food, and wandering around the sites of town. I cant say how happy it makes me that she has come here!!!! She has also learned how to make herself a killer Mocha from the serve your self Tim Hortons at North Mart.
Also we have been going to the gym as much as we can, and have started the 5,3,1 lifting program. Bench press was a little rough for me, but Kellie has been making it look easy!!!

Its Toonik Tyme, and what a time it is!!! Things at work have slowed down for a few days and the timing couldn't have been better. Every year for the past 65 years Iqaluit has its annual spring Festival. There are allot of people in town at the moment and lots to do. Yesterday was the uphill snowmobile race that we unfortionally missed but we were told that it was won by a local rider on a stock 800cc Skidoo. Today Kellie and I got to attend several different events. We Started by going to the Craft Fair, witch was much larger then Expected lots of local artisans from Iqaluit and around the north gathered to Show there wears. The jackets and traditional clothing was very beautiful. There was a nice Fox trimmed jacket that unfortunately was a little small for Kellie.

After the Craft Fair we trundled over to the country market, were the local hunters were to be selling meat. It was to start at 12, noon, we got there at 12:30 to find nothing left. apearntly there were several Kamatiks and trucks full of meat, but by the time we got there all that was left was a few huge arctic char. Disappointed we headed home to warm up.

After a quick rest and warm up we headed over to the Skijoring race. If you like dogs and skiing this is a must see. I also see a Harness in Keon's future. If you have never seen a race its cool. The start was a bit of a tangle of dogs and skiers tied together by ropes, but one they started it seemed to become more organized and less chaotic, that being said one lady did end up having to realese her dog with in the first hundred meters. She got it back after her dog fallowed the rest of the teams back to the finish line. This was a great event to watch but both of us were some what under dressed and had to take refuge at the tourist centre before making the walk home.

After once again warming up, and layering up we were off to are last event of the day. At the high school they were having the Bannock and Tea cook off, Inuit Games, and the Seal skinning competition. Kellie took part in the Inuit games and placed 2nd in what became an international event. Supper fun to watch!!! lots of laughs!!!

We didnt see much of the cook off, but we did see extreme Jump Roping, one guy got taken out by the Caribou skin!!!

The Speed that the guys skinned the Seal was amazing, the more amazing, part was how fast the local women were in there taking the meat, and what ever else they wanted to make the big feast.

Over all it was a great day, and a great show the local culture, the festivities are going on all week and were both looking forward to all of the activities. Also, the photo at the bottom is a local dog that we call Lion Face. We really like Old lion Face.
Kellie and the Seal before it was Skinned and Carved up.
This Little Dog was just trying to stay warm.
Kellie in the finals of the Net Game, She took home 2nd after the tie breaker between her and the Girl in the green Sweater,missing out on winning a pair
of heated slippers.
Extreme Skipping Inuit Style. There is a Caribou Skin tied around the middle, this took a few people out
Lion Face King of all the dogs!! He's a solid dog!!

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  1. Boz, I can't get over how different your life is right now. The beauty of it is that you and Kellie are just rolling right along, looking like you're having a grand old time even though you're in the middle of butt F- nowhere and the daily temperature is sub-zero. Brigitte