Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sunday morning running club Arctic Style,

My new Friend,

So after working some 86hrs this week the boys and I have decided to take it a little easy and have the morning off. What a treat it was. I planned to have a nice sleep in, but by 7 the sun was blazing into my room and sleep time was over. So I made the best of the morning and got myself sorted to go for a run. After a quick drive up to the work site to get my Sunglasses, I got changed and headed out. My house is right on Frobisher Bay, So I headed out and started running the Skidoo trail along the "beach". About 1500m in the trails hooked off on the ice. I fallowed. And what an amazing time it was. I have to say that off all the Mountains I have stood on top and all the places I have been, going for my first run on the frozen ocean might be one of the coolest things that I have ever done. The First 400-500m is really broken up and rough, with car sized blocks of ice that make a little maze to get through. Apparently this is caused by the 10m tide that the bay gets. but once your past that its just flat and smooth. As far as you can see is just ice. It amazing!!!! I have never experienced anything like!!!

As I was running along heading towards the town of Apex, in the next bay over, lost in the shock and awe of my surroundings, I felt a little nudge on the back of my left leg. I just about shat myself with fear, as there was a huge white (I though it was a wolf) dog at my feet. Iqaluit has more stray dogs then there are people in town. Often sled dog teams are just let go when they are no longer wanted or needed, and with the price of dog food being so high, family pets are often left to roam and scrounge for food as well. So I guess this cute guy, wanted to come for a run as well. After I realized he was supper friendly and just wanted a belly scratch, he fallowed me on the rest of my run. He was great company and once We got back close to Iqaluit another one of his K9 friends joined for a few hundred meters until they both headed back in towards town. I think I ran about 9-10km. It was a great way to start my day and recharge.

Heading back to Iqaluit after my Ice run im just about to go back through the Tidal Ice maze.


  1. Looks like you are running in a breathtaking place, Boz! Your canine companion sounds so cute. I want to keep him/her. Can you bring one back to BC? I can't believe you managed to have a furry friend join you on a run. Sounds spectacular - something that could only happen in the Great North.

  2. Ahhh, the Bozman Snow White gene! You Bozman boys...that puppy reminds me of Mirka (who says "hi hi"). Be sure to post pics of the brids that come down from the trees to eat out of your hand as well. :) xoxo

  3. more stories... and pictures of you and kel safe and sound!