Saturday, March 19, 2011


so I have now been in the north for about 4 days, and for the most part things are going very well. The town of Iqaluit is a strange place. You are in Canada kind of. The money and government buildings are the only things that really remind you that you are still in Canada every thing Else is a little different. Almost all the signage is in English and Inuktiut, witch has its on Alphabet, you are as likely to meet a Skidoo at an intersection as a car, and for the most part lots of the little laws that we normally fallow like seat belts either don't exist or there just not enforced. Its an interesting place.
As for work, its rather basic and boring. I am essentially building additional basement suits into some new townhouses. For the most part its a good crew that I'm working with and there easy to get along with. For the time being I have a house to myself. The weather has been chilly by local standards (-30ish most days) but not really that cold. Having the sun shine ever day makes a big difference. Im going to see if I can borrow a camera tomorrow and get some photos to post, as well Im planning to go check out the local gym.


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  1. Iqaluit sounds strange, but cool. I love that "you're in Canada, sort of"!
    I hear it's warming up to minus 9 this weekend, enjoy!